Thursday, February 23, 2012

Twilight In The Post Oaks


The photo above shows what's left after a wildfire. Bones and bare ground!
Although shocking and stark to most folks, this is nature's way of  rejuvenating and preserving it's grandeur! In the Spring, new grasses along with wildflowers (some that haven't been seen for years), will begin to surface, feeding on rich nutrients sacrificed by last years growth. Cleansed by fire, only the Native plants will  survive, rid of the pesky new arrivals! Once again, the circle of life begins, without Man's interference! The Twilight years of this Post Oak forest along with the grass plains surrounding it have been staved off once more by the elements!

Arriving back at camp I found that Twilight had indeed found me!

Leon and his Twilight Bungalow

He really wasn't looking for me nor I him, but it was nice to see that he was still kicking! While my friend Ron, along with a couple of friends and I were exploring the freshly burnt area of the Wichita Mtns. Refuge, Leon had slipped in and parked his vintage fifth wheel trailer in the camping site next to mine. The camping sites carved between the Post Oaks in this ancient forest provides a most welcome spot to center out of while hiking and exploring the Wichita Mtns. of Oklahoma.

Long past it's years, the Bungalow is only a Memory!

Always with a styrofoam cup of hot coffee in his hand, and usually a smoke, Leon told me he bought this Baby when it was New!  A conversationalist from the old school, words came easy! He and my Dad shared these Post Oak campgrounds over thirty years ago, and continue to do so, from time to time!

After the watermelons are picked is usually when he shows up. Seems he always has a big melon to give to the many campers at Doris Campground! A gentle man bringing a gift of of the Earth!

I guess the moral of this story is; Live Life! Even in your Twilight years, 'Bring a Sweet Melon to The Party!'.


  1. he sounds like a character, and a simple-living, giving man. :)

  2. Tex, You are perceptive!
    A mechanic by trade, living in small town Oklahoma, his sons were educated in the finest of Universities! He most often will show up and save a couple of spots for his family which will soon arrive. While they are out hiking and observing, he is content just stoking the home fires!

  3. Wow, that tree made for an amazing shot. I loved your observation of my shot today.

  4. Great shot! MJ in the South Pacific.

  5. Sorry, the previous comments, it meant for Whale.

    I like the way you coverted these pictures to B&W. The top picture is a kind of picture that you need to take a step back, and take a deep breath to enjoy the art work.

  6. Always a great story! I agree with Q, the choice of black and white was a good one.

    Watermelons and fifth wheels, who knew Rush Springs had so much to offer!

  7. I agree with everyone! The photo of the tree is simply amazing. Lovely story of this area and Leon. I like the name Twilight Bungalow...fitting. I especially like the name of the photo "Bones of A Post Oak". Have a wonderful weekend Parker! =)

  8. Sure do like your posts Parker, always an interesting story or two and good photos to go with!

    Be interesting to see another picture of that old Oak tree in 6 months after Mother Nature has had time to renew herself some.

  9. Your "moral of the story" is one that I can take to heart! I maxed the photo of Leon, and i don't think he's THAT old. He's a man who enjoys life obviously!


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