Friday, February 3, 2012

Hangin' with the locals

One of these crazy young ladies is my wife, Can you guess which one? LOL

We spent a little time one day on Front Street in Lahaina doing some shopping so we stopped by the Hard Rock Cafe for some lunch and a beer. Cheryl got such a kick from this girl's hair that she asked if I could take a picture of her. She readily agreed as long as somebody was in the picture with her and since I had the camera...

I can't remember her name (I'm really terrible with names) but she had a great sense of humor and come to find out, she's the mananger of the restaurant. If you're ever in Lahaina, stop in and say Hi.


  1. I've always been interested the motivation for people who have those hairdos. Almost everyone I have talked with are charming and very young!!

  2. Does Cheryl ever meet a stranger? Kicking back, hangn' loose, and jokin' up the locals. I do think the lil girl is having fun!
    Just wondering if next time I see you guys, Cheryl will you be sporting a doo like this? LOL

  3. I don't think Cheryl knows the definition of the word "stranger"!

    I don't think Cheryl will be sporting a doo like this anytime soon although she might try to talk our son into it. LOL

  4. Cute photo-love Cheryl's expression! haha. I really love the hairdo one of the best I've seen! =)

  5. LOL I love fun photos like this, looks like everyone was having a great time with this picture!

  6. You are right about Cheryl! I can tell she's a wonderfull woman when we met her for the first time in Camp Doris. Also, this woman can bake a killer pineable upside down cake. I got to show my boys this picture today.


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