Monday, February 6, 2012


Posters of current venues!

Just past the bicycle shop, and two hours of 'Kickin' Broadway', the smell of fresh brewed coffee caught our attention! Time for a pick me up!  And a break!
I think Juan Valdez must have picked the beans himself, the exotic coffees were a treat!

Art Deco Period

The coffee conversation was about how we enjoyed our walk and the appreciation for the people that were taking interest in the rejuvenation of North Broadway!

Almost, as if on cue, a spectacular jeweled reflection appeared in the next window down from the coffee shop!

It's not everyday you get to see a jeweled Buffalo,or, bison, bison! An icon of Oklahoma and the plains! The friendly lady, seen to the right, invited us in for a closer look!

All along this walk on Broadway we could feel the pride from the people that were bringing back the pulse, along with the heart and soul, of this important artery, which once led from the very heart of Oklahoma City! We both recognized that Jewels come from the Heart of The People!!

Kickn' Broadway
part 8


  1. I like that Bison! This is something millionaire would buy for their house.

  2. I guess it was a lot easier getting close to that bison than it normally is where you get pictures of them! It reminds me of the artwork you photographed in your hometown of the bulls.

  3. what a great way to convey that. :)

  4. I continue to enjoy your story about your Broadway Street. I love smelling fresh brewed coffee... and having a good conversation with friends is a plus. What an amazing Bison! Love this capture. Hope y'all have a great week! =)

  5. Great shots. I love that buffalo.

  6. I can smell the roasted coffee beans you describe as I look at the most interesting buffalo I think I've ever seen!


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