Friday, February 10, 2012

Paddlers on the Ala wai canal

Just having a look through pictures from the latest trip to Waikiki and found another picture worth posting (after cropping and minor adjustments).

Took this with the Sigma 120-400 at 400mm


  1. Looks like work to me. I could sit and watch it all day long! LOL

    You're pretty steady with the big lens. What's the 120-400mm wiegh in at?

  2. Now that would be the way to Island hop!

  3. You caught some great expressions~

  4. Ron the Sigma 120-400 weighs in at 3.9 lbs which is only slightly less than the 150-500 at 4.2 lbs.

    I have to give all the credit to the Sigma O.S. for the nice sharp handheld pictures, cause it sure isn't me!


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