Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tourists, part III?

This was taken during a "little walk" on one of Parker's vacations. I think we had only gone about a mile through the moutains at this point and he had to lay down to take a photo. LOL

I also got a photo of Paul while on vacation.

Sorry Paul, I just had too much time on my hands this weekend! I really don't mean to pick on you. Well, maybe a little! You just make it way too easy. LOL


  1. The way I remember the story is that we found this cave at the top of a high mountain after a grueling seventeen mile hike that went straight up!LOL

    Paul your going to have to make up your own story!

  2. Picture of the photographer! Nicely done.

    Thank you Ron for the bottom picture. (This may come back to haunt you...)LOL

  3. LOL! It usually does Paul but what they hay, you only live once. :~)

  4. WOW! Seventeen miles hike! I would love to do that with you guys next time, but only for the first two miles.

    I can't stop laughing after I saw the bottom picture. I'm sorry Paul!


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