Monday, February 6, 2012

Twin engines

Parker asked, in jest of course, where the motor was on these things. There's two of them Parker, they're called arms!

I watched several people in these outrigger canoes while we were there. They seemed to be practicing because I could seem them coming around the bend of the beach paddling as fast and as hard as they could. They would keep this up for about 300 yards before stopping and resting for about three minutes and then they would turn the outrigger around and start back to where they came paddling hard and fast again.

I was impressed that they could paddle that hard that long. I think I would have lasted about 20 yards and then I would have needed a nap!


  1. The water looks so beautifly blue. Geeze, I bet this guy has some serious arms. I'm tired just looking at

  2. Arms? How novel!LOL
    These guys sound like half the people in my town, except they use cars and gas to do their paddling to the stores and back!
    All jokes aside, I think this would be an enjoyable sport and great way to keep in shape.
    Now I'm wondering how many revolutions per arm per minute (RPAPM) they get out of their motors? Whoops I mean arms!

  3. The ones that I watched that were really getting after it were probably doing one stroke every second to second and a half.

  4. A workout to be sure! I'm with Ron, I'd only be good for about 30 seconds of that before I got winded!

    Nice bright, colorful picture by the way!

  5. I actually spoke to one guy about 50 yr old in Kauai before his practice run for 15 miles paddling. He said he would like to finish top 10 again on 35 miles race. I think these people are not human!


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