Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a day in paradise

I took this while walking along the Ka'anapali Beach one day. The colors and the view seemed to say "Welcome to Hawaii!"

As a side note. I received an e-mail this morning about pre-ordering a new Nikon D800 FX DSLR. The information about the 36.3 mega-pixel camera can be found here, just in case you're interested. http://www.nikon.com/news/2012/0207_dslr_01.htm


  1. This panorama has all the right ingredients... Blue sky, blue water and palm trees!

    On your side note... Great camera, surprisingly low price! Get one of these and a Nikon 28-300 lens and you're set!

  2. Like this view. Has a nice tropical feel!

    I think Paul figured out a perfect combo for one lens, one camera!

  3. Oh no, don't you two start that. You'll give Cheryl the idea I don't need all of the stuff I have (or want). You can never go with just one camera and one lens! LOL

  4. I think the D800 with a 28-300 would be perfect for about 95% of the time... But there is always that other 5%...
    By the way this setup would only be about $4,000.00 before tax. and probably much less in a year or so.

  5. I think you're right Paul. For the money and what you are getting this probably would work most of the time. The biggest draw back I saw was the frames per second, ony 4.

    Again, most of the time that would work but if I get to shooting the whales I really need the 8 frames a second. I guess I could just keep the D300 and use it for whales though. Hmmmmm...

  6. I'm scratching my head when I saw 36.3 MP on this camera! If they make 36.3 MP, they should think about 6 chanels processing data instead of 4, so that way we could have more 4 frames per second. I have look at Nikon website on this camera, and I could not find any information about the buffer.

    Also, with this much of Pixels cramping into this sensor, I'm wondering the noise on this camera when you shoot above 1600 ISO. If this camera have a same noise level like D3s, I promise you that this camera will be the BEST camera Nikon ever built, and #1 camera in market.

    Are they trying to compete with Medium format market? Only thing I can see this camera is suitable for studio, because studio photographer prefered shooting in low ISO setting!

    Lastly, if you own this camera, you might have to upgrade your computer that have fast processor, and memmory to handle a 30 - 50 MB file.

  7. That's some smart thinking Q! The size of the picture files with a 36.3 mp camera is something I didn't even think about. Besides working with the files on your computer you would have to have a case of memory cards if you were going anywhere to shoot photos.

    Now I've got some more thinking to do. I may revert back to my original thought and go with a D700or D3.

  8. Ron, go for D3, you going to love it! Is this mean Paul, and Parker going to FX format also?

    I have been shooting D3 for over 4 years now, and it has been serving me well. Therefore, it's very hard for me to justify to upgrade to D4. Unless, the shutter gave up on me.

    Read the reviews on both cameras, and see which one suitable for your needs. Also, most of the online stores still have D700 in their inventory, but not D3. You may have to purchase D3s.

    Why a good man have so many things he needs to make him happy?


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