Friday, February 24, 2012

A visitor from the past

The other day I heard a plane that sounded funny as it flew over the house, quite a number of float planes fly over my house but this one didn't sound normal, it sounded far too quiet.

Out of curiosity I headed down to the local seaplane haul out to have a look. Sure enough this visitor was a Cessna 195. Last of the Cessna radial engine airplanes, these classic birds were only build from 1947 until 1954. What a treat to see one of these airplanes in our humble inlet!


  1. I guess you need to get your pilots license and put a sea plane on your list of things you need!

    Great shots and including the drawing was a nice touch.

  2. Years ago Ron I swore off two things because I know myself... Motorcycles and airplanes. I would have killed myself with either one in my younger days! LOL.

  3. What a classic old Bird you found. I just love the styling and color scheme! The old 'tail-draggers' are my favorites, especially the Cessnas. Thanks for including the schematic.

  4. As a former flight attendant "from the past" I LOVED these photos!

    Incidentally, I don't know who's commenting on my blog, but your comments are good for my ego and very much appreciated. Many thanks!

  5. Cool plane, although I wouldn't want to fly in one! :)

  6. What a beautiful airplane! I would love to flight this one, actually this airplane is safer than the jet airplane, you can land this bird if the engine stalls out on you!


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