Monday, February 27, 2012

More from the Road to Hana

This is a view from the road looking out towards the ocean. I think we were about half way through the drive at this point. The water ponds you see are for growing taro, a plant the Hawaiians use to make poi. If you've never had it, poi is the ground up taro root made into a yummy paste. OK. it's not so yummy. If you have ever accidentally gotten wallpaper paste in your mouth then you know just about what poi tastes like. I think you need to be REALLY hungry to enjoy poi!

One of the many one lane bridges you have to cross on your way to Hana.


  1. i like the rounded cement rails in that 2nd shot. thanks for explaining what those ponds were.

  2. When I first saw the ponds I thought someone was raising minnows for fish bait!LOL
    I guess you would have to be raised eating Poi to enjoy it. I bet at the Luaus the natives have a good laugh watching the tourists trying to choke down this

    A twisty road! The best kind to enjoy on vacation!

  3. You know you are making it more and more difficult for me to not go and check this place out for myself! LOL

    Both very nice pictures!

  4. I do remember this spot on the first picture. The best way to explore the road to Hana is to ride on a motorcycle. There's a lot of spots on the road that I want to take picture, but it's hard to find a open spot to park the car. Maybe this is a good business opt. for Ron to open a motorcycle rental shop for tourist with a free photography lesson. LOL.

  5. I really like how you got the bridge rail to look more curvy in your second shot. That is really cool. I wish I knew how to do that. Never had poi...haha I'm not sure if I want

  6. Well Sandy, I'd like to tell you I'm a real wiz with photoshop however...

    In the case of this bridge, that's how curvy it is in real life. All I did was zoom back to 18mm on the lens to get the shot.

  7. The railing shot has a fish eye lens feel from the angle that you took that shot. I love winding and bending images of railings and walls.


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