Thursday, September 29, 2011


In the Instructors category my pick was Steve Parker (in the Wildlife Expo blue shirt) ! Steve is a member of the Oklahoma Bow Hunters Council and has participated at this event since it's beginnings. Always ready to volunteer Steve helps with several Bow Shoots around the state.

Yes I am a little biased as Stevie Boy is my Son, and His Mom and I are very proud of Him!

TOMORROW"S MEMORIES TODAY was the slogan used by the Oklahoma Wildlfe Expo event. I felt this Photo captured the feel of that theme. This is my pick for Tomorrows Memories category.

This little boy was so proud of the Bird House that He and His Dad built together at the Expo!!

The Expo was a rousing success this year. A touch of Fall was in the air and the weather was perfect! Most important was all the fine memories created at this family oriented event! Thanks for coming along to the Expo with me!


  1. I thought I saw a little resemblance there. Have you tried to tell him he's into the wrong kind of hunting? LOL

  2. What an excellent portrait of the young fellow with the bird house! You really captured the emotions on his face.


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