Monday, September 26, 2011


Trying out a Kayak by yourself seemed to be a popular activity.

Father and Son made a good Team at this sport.

Maybe a chance to drive an ATV would interest you?

For the youngsters with alot of energy, sawing a log was their fun!


  1. I would have gone with the ATV ride! Nice shots Parker.

  2. Yep! I did the Kayak, and the ATV in Kauai, it's a lot of fun with my family. But, I always have my tripod, and my camera bag mounted on these things. Also, I guess we could save a lot of $$$$ by doing the same activities at this place about 3 hours drive from Dallas.

  3. Well I don't see any pictures of you in a kayak, you couldn't get somebody to take your picture? LOL

    I have one of those saws like in your bottom photo. We used it as Boy Scouts many moons ago. I can bring it next week if you want to use it. :~)

    This is a nice series of photos. It would make a good ad for the place!

  4. No pics in the kayak. Them little boogers were wild with their paddles.

    Thanks for the offer but I have already loaded my electric chain saw in the trailer. If someone just has to have a campfire and Smores; you can just drag up some logs and I'll let you borrow my electric one!!LOL

  5. Nice bright colorful photos! I agree with Ron that these pictures would be perfect for showing off the place.


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