Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shore birds

Found these shore birds last Sunday while out beach walking. This picture is taken with the Sigma 120 400mm at 400mm handheld. The optical stablilzation on this lens is amazing!


  1. What a lovely photo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an Excellent photo this is. The birds are well focused. Rock solid handheld shooting with a long lens! You certainly have your anchor points figured out, along with controlled breathing, to pull off a shot like this one!

  3. Very nice shot! The orange-ish browns contrast nicely with the birds. The lighting looks like an early morning or sunset evening shot.

    And hand held too! I know Q is wringing his hands about now thinking "they will never learn!" LOL

  4. Very nice photo! I like the way the birds catching the light reflecting from the rock. This picture being sharp is not got anything to do with the OS! You just got a steady hands. If you could consistently produces same quality pictures like this, you don't need the tripod. But, I'm still praying for you guys to use the tripod! LOL.


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