Thursday, September 22, 2011


Up and out the door early Wednesday. The Fair has been going on all week. The forecast called for temps in the low 80's F. with a slight chance of rain. A perfect day to be Out and About!

Grabbing my camera I headed East to Oklahoma City and the Fairgrounds. The grounds opened at 8:00am and I wanted to beat the
crowds to maybe get a pic or two, shot in the early light.

The Sun was still casting long shadows and not quite lending it's self to bringing out the full brightness of colors yet to come. Notice our new Skyscraper, the Devon Tower, in the far background. Fifty floors and eight hundred fifty feet high, a tall exclamation point for Oklahoma City and the Plains of the South West! Still under construction the 'Topping Out Ceremony'  was held this week. This will be the new home of Devon Energy.

Standing on the Plaza looking directly East into the Sun, I was able to compose this photo, and the one before, for the feel and look that I wanted. Hiding the Sun behind the Arch, the shadows of same reached to where I was standing, laying across my feet as I made my photos.

As the Sun rose higher and the much needed rain clouds began gathering in the West it was time for the Daily Morning Parade to begin.

I could hear them before they were seen. Hooves clomping the pavement, trace chains rattling and jingling, iron tyred wheels scraping the hard surfaced street! A Team! Heads held high,a matching gait as in a cadence, this proud Hitch was 'Leading the Parade'.!

To be continued................


  1. Love going to the fair with you! Thanks!

  2. The State Fair, it's been a long time since I was there.

    Nice photos, I really like the way you blocked the sun out of the entrance arch photo. The shadows add a lot to the photo.

  3. Fairs are the best place to catch some great shots! Happy weekend!

  4. Hey Parker! Got your note over at a Camp Host' Meanderings. Thanks for persisting. I love a fair for photos. What would it be like to got there at night and photograph? I'm enraptured by night-time photography at the moment.

  5. Is that time of the year already? For me to enjoy those fry foods, I need to get my Lipitor prescription refilled.

    Good tricks on hiding the Sun behind the Arch. Good Work!

  6. Looks like a fun and interesting place to explore with a camera, you certainly came up with some good pictures and a perfect commentary to go with! I especially like your picture of the horse team.

    80° and a slight chance of rain... I'll trade you for the 60° and 4.5" of rain we've had here over the last couple of days! They don't call this the Wet Coast of Canada for nothing...


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