Saturday, September 24, 2011


The Rides on the Midway open at 10:00AM. . At 8:30 there was not a soul stirring! Not for sure if this was a good time for visiting what should be a teeming with people place!

Usually the Farris Wheel is full of screaming and laughing folks, young and old alike. Upbeat music blaring from speakers adding to the thrill.

 For the Pirates tuning in.

Feel like I need to put a warning sign on this pic!

I took an extra cholestrol tab after posting this!


  1. What great shots Parker. I don't know about that Chocolate Covered Bacon though. Talk about acid reflux!

  2. Nice bright colors in these pictures!

    What's wrong with Bacon wrapped chicken, or deep fried bacon? LOL

    I heard that one outfit at the PNE fairgrounds in Vancouver was selling "Deep fried butter"! Yuk!

  3. Cool photos, Parker. I don't think I could bring myself to eat any of that food--too many mixtures of things that I already love all by themselves! About the dahlias, there is no fragrance at all. Just beauty to look it.

  4. I'm not sure about the chocolate covered corn dog but everything else sound pretty good (and like a heart attack waiting to happen! LOL)

    If you're not taking pictures of people then going to the midway before they start sounds like a great idea to me.

    I agree with Paul, you do a great job at capturing the different colors of the midway and the blue sky adds to this. A wide angle lens would have been great on the farris wheel. :~)

  5. These places are goldmines for photographs! So many interesting characters. And you're right about the cholestrol!

  6. Forget about eating these foods! You going to need those lipitor pills just smelling these foods.

    These pictures are great, you did a good job on controlling the constant exposures in mid day lighting. If you can do this on every shots, you don't need the ND filters.


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