Sunday, September 25, 2011


About a week ago the weather over here on the West Coast of Canada went from full on Summer to Monsoon Season! So far in that time we have gotten just over 5 inches of rain! Sounds like another 2 to 4 inches is on it's way for tomorrow with wind thrown in to add insult to injury...

Today however dawned bright and fair, the calm between storms. Needless to say we (Stephanie and myself) took full advantage of the reprieve and took the dogs and camera to a local beach.

Took this picture handheld at 18mm with the camera set at f16 so I could get as much as possible in focus.


  1. Send that rain down here to Oklahoma! We still need moisture.

    You folks certainly picked a beautiful beach for your day out. I bet the dogs were excited to!

    Very well focused. Looking across the water I couldn't help but wonder when we will start seeing snow on the tops of those mountains?

    (Seems I was making up a post the same time as you. Whoops,I almost posted right on top of you)

  2. When I look at this picture, I thought you are in Hawaii already! WOW! handheld at f/16, how the heck do you that? For me, there's no way I could get everything in focus like that. Very nice picture!

  3. I agree with Parker and Q, this is a great shot and perfectly focused.

    Tripod? We don't need no stinking tripod! LOL

    When I look at this picture it seems to take me from the back to the front with the final focus on the small rocks along the shore. An dyou just can't go wrong with the ocean and a sky like that.


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