Sunday, January 22, 2012


622 North Broadway

Readily found a parking spot in front of the famous Hale Photo Bldg. One of OKC's earliest commercial photographers founded the business in 1913. George C. Hale passed the love of photography to his son who expanded and grew the legacy to this location. George T. Hale Photo was the place to go for your photo needs.Cameras, film, dark room supplies and equipment, film developing, photo shoots, expert advice and whatever else the novice or professional needed to capture their photos! Full service store!

The front door was locked . Cupping my hands around my eyes peering thru the window, I was shocked to see the roof had caved and was laying on the floor! Found out that George T. passed in 1983. I suppose his wife and son were not into photography because the bldg. has been declared a derelict structure by OKC! The son says he wants to save the bldg. The City has given him a short time to present a plan. We all know what happens to derelict buildings! 

Continuing the walk North, crossing to the 700 block, we passed by this colorful store front. Thought they did a nice job presenting their wares and location. Purple for the wine along with a corkscrew for opening!

After the downer Hale Photo story it was sure nice to run into this new Studio and Gallery. I'm proud to say that Photography is still alive and well on Broadway!

Kickn' Broadway!
part 3


  1. it is sad to lose a piece of history like that - sort of parallels the kodak filing bankruptcy news this week...

  2. Great series, Parker. I am also happy that you came across the 712 Studio & Gallery!

    About the streetcar on East Burnside, it used to go east and west in the center of the street--I've seen one vintage photo with one heading west across the Burnside Bridge which is about six blocks from where I stood taking this photo.

  3. Change unfortunately is inevitable, some change is good some not so good. Always sad to see these old buildings and businesses disappear.

    Must say I really am enjoying your Kickn' Broadway series!

  4. I really like this series. I hate when they take down old buildings especially the one with character.

  5. Paul is right, change is inevitable but sometimes you just wonder why. It's a shame the let the building just fall down around itself. It's so much easier to maintain a building than it is to repair it.

    Nice series Parker. Taking photos and getting exercise!

  6. I agree with Randy- great shots even if filled with a little sadness. It makes you appreciate certain photographs even more and an appreciation for buildings for certain.

  7. Another excellent story about the Broadway! I think they should use your stories on their town webpage.

  8. Also, seriously you should be a freelance writer for traveler magazine.


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