Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Flower on Broadway

A Showy Corner

The Magnolia Petroleum Company building has retained its facade and still has a very functional presence on North Broadway!

A Picture from a Picture
A friendly young man noticed all the photo work that was going on and invited us into his place of employment to view some old pics they had hanging on their walls. Thus, this old pic of the Magnolia!

Built in 1919 and later sold to Mobile Oil Corporation. Wonder how many of us remembers Pegasus, The Flying Red Horse! The best example I know of, is in Dallas, Texas.


First Fidelity Bank is now the operator of the bldg., replacing the gas pumps with outside teller stations. I think buisness is good, an armored truck was needed to carry away money the safes wouldn't hold!

Kickn' Broadway
part 4


  1. Yep! Tex, long before interstates and alot of the bldgs blocking the view, visiting Dallas with my parents, The Flying Red Horse was a big deal for this kid from Oklahoma! And you could see it from miles away if you were lucky enough to hit town after dark! This subject might be good for a whole other post! Your next trip to Big D maybe?

  2. What a wonderful old building. So happy they didn't tear it down to build a new one.

  3. Yep! I do remember the flying red horse in downtown Dallas. Few months ago it was in the news, I do not remember why is in the news. However, I'm planning making a trip to downtown to take a few shots on a new bridge that they just finished couple weeks ago. Hopefully I could get the flying red horse in the frame.

  4. What a jewel of a building and in such nice shape too!

    I like that you took an up to date version of the vintage photo of this building, interesting to compare the two.

  5. This is a cool series. I like "the picture of a picture" and comparing the before and today photo. Oil to a bank bldg. seems like a natural state of affairs. Lots of money there.;)

  6. If you had been to the left just a little your picture would have looked just like the old one.

    I bet the guys in the armored car were wondering what you were taking a photo of! LOL


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