Saturday, January 28, 2012

Connection Made

connector one

connector two

In my last post I was trying to figure out how to connect the wires from the ball of twisted wires. Standing back and looking at the whole pic, one can see the robot like characters are either feeding or being fed from a shared energy mass! Which reminds me; Hope everyone is re-charging and re-energizing your bodies and souls this weekend!!

Kickn' Broadway
part 6


  1. nice way to bring it all together! :)

  2. Good follow up to part 5! Leave it to you to find a rhyme or reason to this psychedelica LOL.

    Sure am liking your Kickn' Broadway series!

  3. Parker, these are wonderfully colorful. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. These look like something out of the 70's when the Mod Squad was walking the beat! LOL

  5. haha love the robots...great capture! =)


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