Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nikon D4.

Success has a new name

Enter the new flagship of Nikon’s D-SLR lineup: D4. Engineered for professionals, D4 strikes an ideal balance between resolution, sensor size, image processing and ISO range. Its newly designed FX-format sensor and EXPEED3 processor enable image capture up to 10 fps with full AE/AF performance and Full 1080p HD video. Combine that with cutting-edge metering and AF systems, intelligently designed controls, an ultra-rugged body and multiple connectivity options, and D4 liberates the world’s top-notch photographers and multimedia artists like never before



  1. Technology has no end. Lots of 'Bells and Whistles' on this one!

  2. Do you have one? Nikon should pay you for your advertising! :)

  3. T.Becque,
    No I don't have one yet! This camera won't be available until the end of Feb. However, I'm in the process of reorganizing my camera bag for this one. :)

  4. WOW!

    I think Q that you would be the type of user that could use this camera to it's fullest. You need one of these!

    I had a look at the specs for this camera... Pretty impressive! Not to mention that it costs quite a bit less than a new diesel pickup truck or a house.

  5. I was pretty disappointed that I Santa didn't bring me on for Christmas.

  6. Yea, you left out the price tag Q, right at $6000. Of course that's not too bad considering the D3X is running around 8 grand I think.

    I'm glad they did this. They needed something between the D3 and the D3x, price wise and pixel wise. The D4 seems to have everything you need without overdoing the pixels.

    I need to go buy a lottery ticket!


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