Friday, January 6, 2012

Amateur photographer

There it was, the elusive fishing bird that I had sworn to try to capture with my camera while on this trip to Hawaii. Ever so slowly I edged closer to the bird being careful not to startle it into flight. At about 50 feet I stopped and fitted the Sigma 120-400 to my camera body and started shooting. Patiently my wife waited behind me while I captured these precious images.

When I was finished and putting my camera gear away my wife announced that she was going to take the birds picture. Sure enough she walked over and took a couple quick shots with her point and shoot!

Slowly I looked around to see if anyone had been watching the "Stupid Tourist" with the camera and big lens! LOL


  1. I would like to hear your wife telling this story to her friends.LOL!

    By the way, good capture of this elusive bird!

  2. lol, great capture! I've recently noticed these birds near the Ala Moana area.

  3. Interesting Roland (Honolulu photo of the day) you should mention having seen these birds in the Ala Moana area. My wife and I found this one by the pond at the Waikiki end of Ala Moana beach park.

  4. LOL!! That's exactly how it would have happend to me. Leave it to the wife to get close without any problems.

    I probably would have been given a hard time for spending the money on a long lens since you can just walk right up there. LOL


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