Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter wonderland!

Had a light dusting of snow overnight, everything looks sugar frosted this morning! I used the Sigma 10-20mm ultrawide at 10mm for both of these pictures.

Too bad Ron and Cheryl are going to miss all this nice snow and freezing tempertures! LOL


  1. How nice Paul! I think I have seen that look called Hoarfrost. Beautiful scene, although it looks cold! Break out the Down Coats!

    Yeah, the Hawaii Kids are probably enjoying eighty degree temps, sitting on a beach with their toes in the sand, and really missing winter!

  2. Love this series -beautiful as Randy put it! =)

  3. Yes, I love these pictures. In the last few days we are in 70s, I'm not complaining. Can't wait until Dallas get some snow this winter.

  4. Love how that tree looks with all that snow on it! Like a giant snowflake.

  5. Great shots Paul. I love the snow on the trees.


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