Thursday, January 19, 2012


Cool thing happened today! My hiking Buddy Ron, along with his cool wife Cheryl, posted a blue water pic from Hawaii. My next pics from 'Kickn' Broadway'  were these next two shots! Blue Sign in the bottom of the middle window read Blue Water Rd! Perfect title for my post this evening.

Reflections in the window include my Cool Wife Charlotte, who kicked Broadway with me!

Lady next to mannequin is not cool wife! Old Cool Dude with camera is the Picture Taker!

Anyone who has viewed the pics and read the captions of past posts from the archives of Shutterbugs, is aware that Ron and Cheryl do a little diving in the clear waters around the Islands.

Thought maybe before their next dive this year, they should be aware of the latest 'Fashions in Dive Wear' that is currently being shown on Broadway!

Kickn' Broadway
part 2


  1. Interesting word 'kismet'! I have always thought that we were always just on the same wave link!LOL

  2. Nice reflection shots Parker.

  3. Great find Parker! Had no idea anyone was into dive related sports so far from the ocean.

    Looks like you are enjoying sunshine and shirt sleeve weather down your way!

  4. Paul, contrary to most beliefs, Oklahoma has many Lakes that are excellent clear water diving sites! We have a very active diving community.

    You are so right! Don't want to jinx it, but so far winter is just a distant memory! Feb. is the month that usually bites us.

  5. May not get to dive this year, I came down with a sinus infection just before we left and I'm still fighting it. Between the headaches and the coughing I couldn't stay underwater long enough to call it diving. I still have five more days though, maybe, just maybe, I will get over this before we go.

    Nice pics Parker! And I'm not sure the fashion police we let me go without a ticket, just about any day of the week! LOL

  6. This photo makes me feel warm again. Nice shots! Great colors and reflection through the class. =)


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