Sunday, January 8, 2012


Touted as the first shopping district North of Downtown in 1929, Paseo is now the home to the Arts District in OKC.

Stuccoed buildings in the Spanish Revival style are all colorfully painted in pastels. Windows and doors are particularly interesting .

These original buildings, turned into Studios, hosts an array of artists in several mediums. If so desired , lessons and workshops are offered by many of the artisians.

It was around 1:30pm with the sun shining brightly and no clouds when these pics were shot. A perfect time to catch some nice reflections in the windows and doors. Like shooting both sides of the street at the same time!

Kickn' Along the Sidewalks
part 7


  1. What a colorful street! Great reflections in all these photos.

    This is not an architectural style one sees very much of in Western Canada.

  2. so true!

    i myself would tire of the colors after about a week! :)

  3. Nice shots, I especially like the last one with the reflections.

    For some reason I'm thinking the last time I was in the Paseo District (many, many years ago) it wasn't this nice and you didn't really want to be there.

  4. Right on man! At one time the drug culture flourished in this funky district. Now it is just a fun and colorful place to eat and enjoy wandering around.

  5. I love these buildings and streets. I personally have a fondness for spanish style buildings and colors. =) Lovely post.

  6. I have to visit this area in the near future. Thanks for sharing.


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