Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Standing On The Corner

No! Not that corner in Winslow,Az. that the Eagles hold claim to, but a corner in the Paseo. I think this is a wonderful way to have an entrance to your building that stands on a corner lot!

The Virgin

Keeping watch from a window!

No two buildings are built alike. Each have their doorways and entrances making their own statements.

Other than sharing an interior wall between neighbors, the many colored original clay tiled roof shingles which covered the slopes, was the only shared feature.

A Penitente ?

I do not have a clue who this Padre fellow is, but he is intently standing guard, with his bundle of switches in hand, over the colorful knitted items for the girls!

Kickn' the Sidewalks
part 8


  1. so funny - i've always wanted to have a flatboard ford so i could slow down and look at some schmuck standing on the corner... :)

    love these unique buildings.

  2. Some of this looks familiar - like what we'd see around here. Like your title "Kickin' the Sidewalks"!

  3. Funny I always wondered if anyone would slow down to take a look at me if I was standing on a corner in Winslow! Guess that makes me a schmuck... LOL

    What an interesting group of stores, nice colorful airy, artsy feel to this place captured in your photos!

  4. Looks like a great place for for some window shopping.

  5. Lots of color on that street. You didn't buy you a knitted hat and scarf for that cold weather that came in? LOL

  6. I like the individuality of these buildings-great shots! =)

  7. These pictures remind me of Santa Fe. Good work!


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