Thursday, January 19, 2012


Over on the West Coast of Canada we've become real good at rain... Light rain, heavy rain, drizzle, fog etc. We totally fail when it comes to cold and snow, especially snow!

The past week has been below 0° C. (32° F.) and as cold as -10° C. (14° F). Fortunately the rain is forecast to be back by the end of the day tomorrow!

Not that I'm complaining, with the colder weather we get lots of sunshine and Lord knows we all need as much sunshine as we can get this time of year especially over here on the West Coast.


  1. Brr! is right! Gosh it looks cold up your way! When we get rain and it's that cold, everything in Oklahoma becomes an icy wonderland. In otherwords, we shut down!

    Thanks for Braving the elements! Bet the grease on your shutter release made for a slow exposure!LOL

  2. I agree with Parker, burrrrrr is right! Not to rub it in but....

    Sunny and 80 today!! LOL

  3. guess you got hit with that same system that hit Seattle and the NW US. meanwhile, here in texas, we had 70 yesterday and expecting 77 today... so strange...

  4. Me and TexWisGirl enjoying our warm weather her in TX. It won't be long we going to see icing on the lake, and some snow on our roof. Good shot!

  5. I would prefer the snow to the rain we got. That's burr without the fun part. ;)


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