Monday, January 30, 2012

The Road to Hana

Now all you have to do is add 616 more of these curves, 56 one lane bridges and about a half dozen really stupid drivers and you have the 52 mile long road to Hana. It's not really that bad of a drive. You do have to pay attention to what you're doing though, it's along way down!


  1. My kind of road. A new view around every curve!

    Just a perfect set up on this pic! Seems I remember Q giving a little tutorial on obtaining a shot as this! Carries my eyes down the road past the river and the green covered lava hills, right to the apex of the curve, then into the next to be scene around the bend!

    I guess this road offers views of the ocean along it's length? Beautiful view in this last pic!

  2. I like the top picture! You are a brave man to get out of the car to take a shot on this spot. Can't wait see your water falls picture.

  3. Beautiful photos Ron!

    You didn't mention whether there were any beaches along the drive to Hana.

  4. Great views. Love the first shot.

  5. Parker, about 80% of the road goes right next to the coast line so you have the ocean on one side and waterfalls and tropical forest on the other.

    Paul, there are several beaches along the drive to Hana including at least two black sand beaches and one really great surfing beach. I'll be putting up more photos from the road soon.

    Q, I did get a couple of waterfall shots but I was too lazy to get out of the car and hike to the really nice waterfalls. I'll post a couple of those soon too. They waon't be as good as your's but they will be waterfalls! LOL


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