Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flying antique

I captured this Grumman Goose moments before touchdown. They sure come close to the low trees at the edge of the runway on their way in!

Originally designed as a flying yacht and commuter plane in 1937 this versatile and rugged amphibious airplane quickly gained the attention of the US Airforce, Navy and Coast Guard at the inception of the Second World War and were used in numerous rolls during the war years.

Since then these airplanes have been used as the bush planes of the coast. All told 345 were built and of those approximately 50 remain airworthy. Not bad for a 70 plus year old Airplane!


  1. A fine looking 'Ol Bird' you captured Paul. The story made me appreciate it even more!

  2. I love old planes. I can't believe they still fly.

  3. This is a great capture. The detail in the phot is excellent and I don't think you could have been at a better angle.

    I've always like the old sea planes. I'm particularly partial to the old PBY 5A's.

  4. Funny Ron that you should mention the PBY 5A...

    Coal Harbour the town I live in was a Royal Canadian Air Force base during WWII, actually a seaplane base. Early in the war Stranraer seaplanes were used and later on the PBY/Catalina. Many of the original buildings and one of the airplane hangers are still here.


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