Tuesday, January 10, 2012

K9 on HDR.

I took this shot few days ago when I saw this dog chasing a ball with his owner in the park nearby my house.  I could not freeze the motion because I didn't have time to set my shutter speed accordingly for overcast day, and put my camera on the tripod.


  1. For my 2 cents worth, the blurred motion in the legs brings action and movement to the pic, which is what this dog is doing. The shot worked out nice!

  2. You guys are good! I mean...I could never take a photo like this. It would be so blurry. lol Nice shot. =)

  3. I'm with Parker on this one. The slight blurr in the legs and lower body give it the fell of motion. You captured the face and ears just perfect.

    You hope the dog is having fun and not looking for a cameraman to chew on! LOL

  4. I have heard it said that if the eyes are in focus then the photo is a success.

    I agree with Parker and Ron, the blur of the dogs feet and the background really adds to this photo!

    You never would have captured this shot using a tripod!

  5. I like it. I am sure he(she) is enjoying.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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