Thursday, January 26, 2012


I might have heard it before I saw it. An explosion of colors a half block off Broadway!

Naturally, anything this colorful, and I do like colors, had this picture taker making tracks to the scene,Man! What I found was a Gallery created by a psychedelic band, 'The Flaming Lips'. Opened the front door but there was a photo shoot taking place. Almost had ourselves begged in to watch but the photographer balked. Must have been the Nikon hanging from my neck, He was using a Canon! Bummer Man!

Thought I would include the window menu for the New Years happenings at their gallery, which I later learned had to be moved to another location, art exhibits, stage and all! Fire Dept. nixed the deal.

Guess now's the time to issue a little warning. If you decide to visit any of the web sites shown on the sign, be aware that some of the material is graphic and only broad minded Adults should view!

After the warning, thought I would go to the alley, where else, to continue the photo adventure!

I've got to give these artists credit for their use in colors and creative minds. Some might call this Grafitti, others Poster Art! I do not know what to call it, and really don't know if it needs a name. All I know is alot of time had to have went into it's making, and was sure fun to shoot by this snapshooter!

Every story needs an ending. So here I sit staring at one of the pieces created on the pink painted bricks! I must really have my wires crossed because finding two wire ends that connect is proving to be a challenge; so I guess one more post of this madness will be coming as soon as a connection can be made!

Kickn' Broadway


  1. What a great find, must have been fun capturing this riot of colors, textures and shapes! Looks like the weather down your way continues to be beautiful also!

    Chemanus, the town where my parents live has a great many murals all throughout their downtown core. Next time I visit I will have to capture some of them to post here.

  2. Paul, I would like to see how you capture murals from Chemanus. For me, I'm really having fun and hope this experiment using only my 18/55mm lens, no cropping or editing, teaches me a skill or two. I have seen so many ways to crop and enhance my pics! Your skills in photoshop would make murals Zing!

  3. yikes! i'd hate to live across the street from that place! i think the view would be exhausting! :)

    i do like that last artwork, though. very intriguing.

  4. Wow what a colorful adventure! These streets must be so fun to walk through. I would feel like a little kid. Wonderful capture Parker. And nice back story. Have a nice weekend. =)

  5. Loud is right! Where are my sunglasses?

    Very nice shots but I'm with TexWisGirl, I wouldn't want to live across the street from it.


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