Monday, January 9, 2012


I think I need to go get my eye check.  Recently, I could not justify the colors on my pictures, and I want to turn everything into B&W.  May be I'm getting old! :)


  1. Black and white isn't a bad thing (getting old can be though!) LOL

    The bottom picture has got great lines. Everything seems to just come together at the end and it has an optical illusion effect to it. I really like it.

    The top shot is great, the clouds almost seem like they are racing towards you.

    There's nothing wrong with the middle shot either but top and bottom are my favorites.

  2. Dramatic photos. Would make nice large, poster size prints, displayed on a stark white wall.

  3. these are gorgeous, though. no eye check needed!

  4. B&W is perfect for these pictures particularly the top photograph! Parker is right, these would make great posters or wall art.

  5. I think these are great and wonderful B&W photos-funny I'm going through a B&W photo phase. Lets hope it's not old age.LOL Have a nice week y'all. =)

  6. With these photos I would say your eyes are in great shape.


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