Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rush Hour Traffic?

I am once again digging into the old files. I caught this helicopter flying through the Arch in St. Louis a few years back. I was suprised they let them do that but nobody seemed to mind too much. This was shot "on the fly" so to speak on a cloudy day about an hour before sunset so it's not the ideal photo. I'm just running out of things to post!

I apologize for my long absence from the blog. I had a house full of people from Christmas until New Years and then I got buried in work and then I had a small fire in my laser which put me out of business for a few days while I waited on parts and then I was behind even more and on top of that I have developed a sinus infection and have been sick the last three days. Yea, I know, wah, wah, wah! LOL

I promise to have new pictures after the vacation. There may not be very many underwater shots as the doctor discouraged me from scuba diving with my sinuses the way they are. He even tried to talk me out of flying but I smiled and very nicely told him that he was nuts! Nothing is going to stop me from going on this vacation!


  1. If it wasn't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all! Dang! Hope you ate your blak eyed peas new years day!

    Always enjoy your St. Louis pics of the Gateway Arch to the West! Suprised the chopper is flying that low in a populated area.

  2. I'm not too fond of black eyed peas, the vegetable or the signing group! I guess I will just have to muddle through the year! LOL

  3. Great capture of the helicopter! Not something you see every day I should think...

    Is the bottom photo HDR? Lighting seems just about perfect.

    YOU NEED A HOLIDAY! I think you need a doctor to write you a prescription that says you need to spend a couple of weeks in Maui, that way your trip would be tax deductible! LOL

  4. Paul, the bottom photo was just shot in RAW and then rewored a little in Elements 7.

    My trip is going ot be tax deductible! We're taking some of my engraving stuff with us and are going to visit some of the big hotel chains there on Maui to see if we can't sell some custom stuff to their guest services departments.

    I've actually got a client on Maui that I made over 100 custom ornaments for that we are going to see while we are there. That makes it deductible, right? :~)

  5. I'm sure the next 12 months it will be better for you. I have been working around laser equipment for years, and everyone of them have liquid nitrogen to cool down the laser housing. Did you forgot to attach this to your machine? :)

  6. Q, the machine I use has an air cooled laser. It works really good as long as you're paying attention to what you are doing. I was cutting a piece of acrylic with the laser but a small piece of cardboard had attached itself to the bottom of the acrylic by static electricity. I didn't see the cardboard and when the laser hit it the cardboard went up in flames and started the acrylic on fire and after that it was just a big mess with smoked detectors (and Cheryl) screaming everywhere!

  7. I saw a Fire Extinguisher on sale at Home Depot for $9.99 this weekend.

  8. You're a funny man Q! LOL

    I keep two extinguishers in the room with the laser all of the time. It actually took me longer to clean up the laser after using the fire extinguisher than it did to switch out the burnt up parts.

  9. I just making sure that you have one or not! Is this machine come with a operation manual? Also, I'm wondering you take pictures of anything, but why not this incident?

  10. Big thick manual Q and I actually read the whole thing plus I got a weeks worth of training on it when we bought it. I was just rushing and not paying attention and it cost me some time and money.

    And I actually do have some pictures of the burnt parts. I had to send the photos to the manufacturer so they could see what I needed to replace. I thought they were kind of boring so I didn't post them on the blog. LOL


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