Wednesday, January 4, 2012


As I was wandering around all the construction area surrounding the Devon Tower project, these red stairs, along with the reflections in the glass caught my eye. I have no idea what part this new building will play in the scheme of all these new structures being built around the tower.

It was getting to be lunchtime when I started to see workers appearing on the streets.

Food Trucks were arriving! Windows were popped out and the smells of hot meals was in the air.

I was suprised by some of the gourmet type dishes that was served by these trucks. Must have something to do with the Reality TV Shows that feature street food. Although I did not want to disturb lunch by poking my camera in the middle of everything, this was a busy place for the next thirty minutes. Food Vendors were set up in several locations in the area.
note to self; bring long lens next time!

Kickn' Along the Sidewalks
part 5


  1. chuckling at your long lens comment. :)

    the red stairs look like a line on a graph! :)

  2. Funny post! I like this city series.

  3. I bet it was an interesting scene to watch. You can be more nosy with a long

  4. Love the picture of the red stairs, what a great find!

    Construction sites are interesting places and have an interesting rhythm unlike any other.

  5. ps. If you look at the larger picture of the red stairway you can see the reflection of some guy taking a photograph from across the street! LOL

  6. that interesting scene, like new arch so much!!

  7. Good eye Paul. I thought you would notice the reflection.

    Downtown OKC is in a flurry of construction projects going on. News accounts report over two thousand workers in the downtown area alone. Just yesterday a part of a new alignment of I-40 thru downtown was dedicated and opened for traffic. There is several more years of new projects that have been approved and funded. As you said Paul, there is a rythmn, and OKC is beating at a fast pace!

  8. For some reason I'm getting hungry!

    You mean you wnet walking without the camera bag and more lenses? What kind of photographer are you? LOL


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