Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just a little off the top please

I'm always amazed at the lengths the vacation properties go to to keep the lanscaping looking pristine. I saw this guy trimming the dead palm leaves from a tree so everything would look just right.

This was taken with the Sigma 150-500mm at 500mm. I was sitting on the lanai watching for whales when I saw a branch drop so I swung the camera around to see what I was missing. This guy had used a climbing tree stand to get up the tree and then lowered himself down using the rope. I'm not sure I would want his job, he was pretty far up and the wind was blowing at a good clip on this day. The tree was swaying back and forth the whole time he was up there.


  1. swinging from a rope, dangling from trees in the wind. um, no thanks...

  2. Just one more way to 'Hang Out' on the islands!!

  3. Tarzan in paradise! This guy probably used to be an accountant or college professor in Boston before he moved to Maui... Probably doesn't regret it a bit either! I wonder what kind of job I could get if I moved to the islands? LOL

    Great capture, and handheld too!


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