Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surf's Up!

I took these photos of surfers on the windward side of the island while making the drive to Hana. These were taken at a popular surfing beach near Pa'ia (pronounced pah-ee-a) which is the last town you see before Hana about 40 miles away.

These were all taken with the Sigma 150-500mm at 500mm and hand held. Sorry Q, next time I will have the tripod.

I have been looking at a new lens to buy before my next trip to Hawaii. Sigma makes a 300-800mm f5.6 lens that I think I'm going to invest in. You'll know why when I put up some more of my ocean shots. Is the suspense killing you? LOL


  1. Blue water action shots! That would be the life. Being a beach bum, waiting for the surf to come up, then grabbing the boards and catching a wave!
    About the 800mm lens. Would Cheryl have to approve every photo before posting? Heard the surfer girls are pretty hot in the Islands!LOL

  2. What? You don't really think I would use the lens to take pictures of hot surfer girls do you? :~)

    But now that you mention it.... LOL

    I don't know if Cheryl will have to approve the pictures but I know she'll have to approve the purchase of the lens. I can buy a nice used car for what they are wanting for the lens.

  3. They are pretty good without the tripod! Please don't forget to invest in Wimberley, Jobu, or Gimbal tripod head for your new 300-800mm. When you mounted your big lens on these tripods, the weight is not a factor anymore. Also, make sure your tripod heavy enough to support this tripod head, and your lens. Good Luck!

  4. I highly recommended to tryout the Nikkor 600mm f/4.0. I have used this lens from my friend before with 1.4X teleconverter. With this teleconverter is equivalent to 800mm, but you lost 1 stops without degrading picture quality. If you could rent this baby near you, I would give it a try, you wont regret spending $10K. However, for me to justify spending this kind of $$$$, if I have a contract with the wildlife magazine.

  5. Thanks Q! I have already started looking at differnet tripods and when I buy one it will be strong enough to hold this lens or hopefully any other combination. I have also started looking at the gimbal heads too. I will take a look at the other two you mentioned.

    About the only time I don't regret spending 10 grand is when I go to Hawaii. Any other time I have to really think it over. LOL

    I had actually looked at the Nikon 600mm (on-line) and I had even thought about buying something like your 200-400mm Nikon and adding a 1.4x or 2x converter to it but once you start comparing the prices the Sigma made more sense. I really like the idea of having a little bit of zoom in the lens and the Sigma or "sigmonster" as they call it, has been getting really good reviews.

    I'm still looking and it will probably be the end of the year before I can spend that kind of money on a lens so I have time to look around.

    I will buy a tripod soon and when I do it will be a good enough one to handle this lens just in case I decide to jump in and buy one. I'm hoping I can find a used lens and save a grand or two.

  6. You need to pump out some more pictures from your trip. I'm craving for more. LOL.

  7. These are great! Nice and sharp especially considering they are handheld. Between the Sigma O.S. and the nice bright light to work with you almost don't need a tripod...

    I can see it now, handheld shots with the new Sigma 300-800 and 1.4 teleconverter! LOL

  8. I'm not sure about hand held shots Paul (although knowing me, I WILL give it a try).

    The Sigma 300-800mm is 21 inches long without the sunshade and a hefty 13 pounds. Add the camera on there and I might have to have somebody help me pick it up! LOL


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