Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Should have headed South!

Found this small group of Canadian Geese at the head of Hardy Bay. They didn't look so thrilled to still be here...

Took this with the Sigma 120-400 at 400mm


  1. Maybe they know something we don't. A supposedly Artic front hit here just past noon with strong North winds which are still howling at this hour of 9:40PM. Temp on my thermometer is reading 32.0'F and dropping slowly. Expected 19'F in AM with a high of 40. For Jan. this is a walk in the park!

    Wonderful pic of those Canadian Geese! Hope they don't get to lazy and get caught with their Honkers down! We still got Feb. to go!

  2. These are tough birds; they must like sticking around!!

  3. They would have had to have gone waaaaay south to get warm. Woke up to snow and 14 degrees this morning here in Kansas.

    I guess this was hand held at 400mm? I think Q would have a heart attack if we all started using a tripod! LOL

  4. I will loose my sleep if you guys start using the tripod. I would love to shoot these birds to add in my collection.


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