Friday, January 6, 2012


Located just off 23rd and Classen is this little speck of real estate. A triangular piece of  property with no front yard, back yard, or side yard it can call it's own. But it does have a Milk Bottle on the roof!

Built in 1930 when Route 66 traffic passed by, it was a small grocery. In 1948 the milk bottle was added as a gimmick for the milk industry. Townley's was the first name I remember from the fifties. Many buisnesses have occupied this 350 sq.ft. wonder over the years, but the bottle has always advertised Milk to the highest bidder! Today, Bahn Mi or Baguette style sandwiches are offered by 'Saigon Baquette'. Try the deluxe.

Kickn' Along the Sidewalks
part 6


  1. i LOVE that little building, milk bottle or not! :)

  2. What a classic Route 66 point of interest!

    If that milk bottle could only talk... imagine the stories it could tell! LOL

  3. I love it. Would love to see it in person!

  4. We eat Banh Mi at least once a week here in Dallas. I'm glad Vietnamese Banh Mi slowly getting in small town like this. Well, Banh Mi is on the menu if we camping together in the near future. Thanks for sharing the wonderful story.

  5. Braums, now I am hungry, for ice cream!

    I remember seeing this milk bottle all of the time there. I had forgotten all about it.

  6. Fantastic, Parker! Not only is it a triangular-shaped building, it's got an every day object, a giant every day object, on the roof! I love it! Thanks for calling my attention to your post!


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