Monday, January 7, 2013

Inadvertent camera and lens abuse test...

Another capture from the new 18-300. Took this one handheld from about 100 feet away. Normally Herons fly away when you start showing any interest in them but I guess this one felt safe perched in the top of a tree.

On another note... While out hiking and taking pictures this weekend I slipped on the beach and landed in a shallow puddle on top of my camera and new lens. I got wet and the camera and lens got splashed. Fortunately it was fresh water. I did a quick in field dry off with a paper towel and continued taking pictures, no harm done. Later when I got home I took a closer look at everything and found that I had slightly bent the outer threads of the 77mm uv filter I bought to protect the lens. The lens it's self was untouched. Moral of the story... UV filters are a good addition to lenses you plan on hiking with!


  1. First off, the picture is great!I don't think you are ever going to take that lens off your camera! LOL

    Secondly, it's good that you and the camera/lens combo are all right. I am a big believer in the UV filters and won't even use a lens unless it has one on it.

    I've been inadvertently testing the D700 the last few days too with rain and salt water spray. It seems the seals and the magnesium body hold up well in these conditions. I've had to give the body and lens a clean water damp wipe down a few times now just becuase of the sea spray and one big splash I didn't see coming.

    1. I must say that over the years I've been quite hard on both my D90 and D50 and the various lenses I have to go with. I've had them soaking wet, covered in mud and in extremely dusty conditions and they just keep working and neither of these models are sealed like your D700!
      Having said that, next camera (D7000 replacement if it ever comes out) will be of the sealed variety!

  2. love the heron feather detail. :) glad all was okay.

  3. I'm glad to hear everything is okay for you. Nice shot!

  4. Lens performed well on the coperative Heron!
    That was one close call on your spill.


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