Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just for Q

What? You said you wanted to see me without my mustache.

These are some of the "bad" photos from my underwater files. The final tally of Hawaii photos is 13,949. I might have a couple that are good enough to post. LOL!


  1. you're almost scowling under that mask! come on! you're in hawaii! :)

    1. HAHA! What a face! =) I do love those photos. SO CLEAR!! The water looks lovely!

  2. Sure got some big lenses in your new reading glasses!LOL

  3. Thank you! Are you going to keep it off from mow on? I'm still laughing at the momment! Those are good pictures. can't wait until I get home to look at on my computer.

  4. I think I will probably keep it off for a couple of weeks. My youngest daughter says I look "weird" without it so I will probably grow it back until the next time we go to Hawaii.

  5. You don't look the least bit like Abraham Lincoln... He never had a mask like that! Ha ha

    Those are some real nice looking underwater pictures, I really like the play of light and shadows from the sunlight through the water especially in the 3rd picture!

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  7. Your youngest daughter is creepin' on your blog and you do look like a weirdo!!!


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