Monday, January 28, 2013


  1. Man oh Man! What else can I say? Excellent! Wonderful photos!

    Got a laugh at the moma duck chasing the intruder away. My wife did a painting years ago that is similar (used a dog as the intruder). She called it "Enemy In Camp!"

  2. Duck Duck Goose! First thing that came to mind when I saw these pictures. Ha ha

    Without exception all of these pictures crystal clear without any detectible grain in the background or darker areas. Very nice!

  3. WoW! These are great. It looks like the momma duck didn't want anybody close to her babies!

    Were these taken with a 600mm or your 200-400mm?

    1. #1,3, and 5 on 200-400mm.
      #2 on 600mm.
      #4 on 500mm.


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