Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Wonderland Part II

I took this photo this morning once the sun came up and the temps rose to a balmy 20 degrees. I had to use a 4ND filter just to get the shot since the snow was so bright from the sun.

I did a little post processing in the NIK software to give it an old timey look. Kind of like me! LOL


  1. sure is pretty! i think you should delay your hawaii trip...

  2. Beautiful shot Ron! 20 degrees sounds really cold...

  3. I really like your "Old timely look", nice setting for this photo too!

    I hope you were taking this picture from a warm porch... 20 deg. sounds freeking cold! Hawaii can't happen soon enough eh?

    1. No warm porch for this one Paul. I actually had to put on my snow boots and walk out a ways to get the shot I wanted. No worries though, warm weather is coming my way VERY soon! LOL


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