Friday, January 11, 2013

Good Morning From Broken Bow, OK.

Sometime you need to get yourself lost on purpose so you can explore the hidden beautiful scenery.


  1. A good piece of advice 'Q'.

    I love to get off the beaten path and make new finds that most don't ever see. Just as you have done and shown in these two well taken pics! Oklahoma Beauties!

  2. Both shots are great but the bottom photo is fantastic with the colors and lighting. The red on the barns really makes the picture pop.

  3. Great find even if you were lost... Never know what you might find if you start poking around on less familiar roads!

    I like both these pictures!

  4. I agree with Ron I really like the bottom image. Looks like a early morning or late evening photo and with the red barn just makes it that much nicer.


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