Friday, January 11, 2013

This is how to do it!

I'm not sure I have post these Humming bird pictures before, but this time I want to include some of the instructions how to get these shots.  The equipment is quite simple, it just seems a lot because I use what I got. In reality, you just need a good, reliable bird and spike the flower with sugar water. I put the flower right into the feeder at times and you need about 3,4 flashes at lower power @ 1/16 power or less. Even a cheapy camera will get this image since you can only shoot 1 shot at a time(flashes won't recycle fast enough) at slow shutter speed and small f-stop because there are so many flashes. The low power flashes is what freeze the bird because it flashes at faster speed at low power.


  1. Thanks 'Q'. You are so generous with your photography skills!

  2. I agree, thank you Q!

    Very nice captures too by the way!

  3. There you go cheating again spiking the flower with sugar water. LOL

    I would have never thought to put a real flower in a hummingbird feeder and spike it with sugar water. I alos never would have put a colored backdrop in the background either. I'm not sure if I'm just lazy or stupid. You need to be writing a book with all of these tips in it.

    The shots are great by the way.


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