Sunday, January 13, 2013


Pronounced Mo-Ah or in english, the spotted box fish. This is a female Moa, the male is more colorful, kind of like the photographers on this blog. LOL

This was taken along one of the reefs in front of our condo on Maui. It was shot with a Nikon D300 using a Nikon 24mm f2.8 lens set at 2.8 with an ISO of 1000 and no flash. I was in about 3 feet of water at the time.


  1. Cute little gaffer or I should say gafferette! Looking forward to seeing more of your underwater pictures.

    TexWisGirl will be happy to know you've taken enough underwater photographs to post one a day for well over four years already! Haha

  2. Call me Old Fashion if you must. But I still like to see a a lady dressed in a Polka Dot Dress! Especially on Sundays!


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