Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Please Stay Warm.

Took this picture while I'm on 12K elevation somewhere between Durango, and Silverton, CO.  This snow mount located next to the men restroom, and the Oak leaves came from under the hood of my car near the windshield wiper.   A few people did giggle when they saw me setup a camera on the tripod with a 70-200mm lens pointing to the ground next to a public restroom.


  1. Wonderful shot. Brown, sharp pointed Oak leaves against the gentle, rounded form of the snow makes for an interesting pic! Nice shadows also!

  2. I'm laughing to myself as I invision coming across someone with their camera, big lens and tripod all setup beside a roadside restroom!

    But the end result certainly justifies your means, great photograph!

  3. It is a awesome shot. You always have a way of setting up a good shot. The leaves really pop against the white back drop.

  4. Lovely result (indeed you took it near restroom !)
    Best regards from Paris,


  5. I know I would be laughing at the guy with a tripod and camera set up next to the restroom! It is a great photo though!

  6. Beautiful shot. I would frame that one.


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