Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sunset Wizard at Work

Obviously I didn't take this photo. Cheryl seemed to have a fascination with taking photos of me when I wasn't looking this trip.

She took this with the Nikon P7700 handheld during the big wind storm we were in. Apparently she let go of the palm tree long enough to take a few photos. LOL

This was shot in the automatic mode with the internal ND filter turned on. I am still being amazed at the photos this camera produces. Even just in the automatic mode it seems to know how to make the correct settings in most every application.

The only thing I still don't like about the P7700 is the exposure wheel on top of the camera moves too easily and can be changed accidentally without knowing it. I found myself constantly checking the exposure wheel on the few occasions I actually got to use the camera this trip. Don't get me wrong, I like having the exposure wheel on the top of the camera, it is extremely handy. I just wish it didn't turn so easily. Cheryl apparently didn't have any problem with it so maybe I just have big fingers that get in the way. I would still highly recommend this camera to any one wanting the controls and picture quality of a DSLR but not wanting the DSLR.


  1. Great sunset picture...
    Great light and colors !


  2. Nice capture Cheryl!

    Ron so far any and all of the pictures you have posted from this camera appear to be of the same good quality as the pictures we post from our DSLR's! I must say that Nikon has really come a long way with their hardware and software in all their cameras including this one of yours.

  3. great shot, cheryl!

    i think you need to 'adopt' me and leave that camera to me...

    1. Well I'm not planning on taking a dirt nap anytime soon but I will see what I can do. Hoepfully by the time it gets willed to anybody they will have come up with about 20 new versions! LOL

  4. Wonderful pic at the touch of a button! Nice capture Cheryl, of a scene that was real and happening! Like the way you composed the shot!

  5. It's a remarkable photo; must definitely be a fine camera.

  6. Great shot Cheryl! Now I have to convincing my wife to pickup a camera when we're on a vacation.
    Hey Ron, check the manual to see they have an option to lock the exposure.


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