Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cabin by the sea

Took a walk down the beach from where I live. Sure enough the old cabin is still there and surprisingly enough it hasn't been vandalized since the old couple moved away nearly 15 years ago. Their failing health simply wouldn't allow them to continue in this peaceful secluded place.

Not one pane of glass was broken as far as I could see though several had fallen out of their moldings over time leaving a way for the elements to get in. 

As I looked around it was obvious that Mother Nature has certainly been having her way with what once was a warm and vibrant little cabin and well cared for gardens.

I recall my visits with this interesting old couple when I was a younger man. He would talk about how it used to be here in the inlet and She always had something for us to munch on as we drank our coffee made on the wood fired cook stove "the way it was supposed to be"! 
Now days there are only memories,  the echo of laughter and perhaps a faint smell of wood smoke and coffee in the little old cabin by the sea.


  1. This is sad. So many times this happens. Perhaps you could buy it and make it vibrant again...it's such a quaint little place. Rekindle it's fire.

  2. Great story! I wish all the best from that couple.

  3. That's a great story but a little sad that they just kind of dissappeared and left the cabin. Nice photos though!

  4. A lot of story there...
    Kind regards,


  5. Warming story. So glad you chose to reveal a little more history about the former residents. A wonderful neighbor you were to check in and spend some time with them. Good memories for you I suspect. I well remember a past post or two which included photos to document your visit. So happy to see updated photos for this special place. You gave me the feeling of being taken back to visit an 'Old Friend' that hasn't been seen in awhile! Gracias!

  6. Great story; I could imagine the scenes.


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