Friday, January 11, 2013


The cold clear weather of the past couple of days over here on the West Coast made for some good frost pictures this morning. Both pictures are at f16 with the new lens at around 200mm. I used the flash for the bottom picture.


  1. Frosty morn indeed! Must of had some humid air move in.
    Fine job of recording the event. I believe this is called "Hoars Frost"?

    1. Thank you Parker! For the life of me last night when I did this post I couldn't remember the name for this type of frost... Must be loosing it haha!

  2. But did you use a tripod??? LOL

    These are cool shots! Lots of detail. I really like the top shot a lot.

  3. Very nice macros. Very sharp images from that lens. I am really going to have to start saving to afford all the stuff to keep up with you guys.

  4. I love the detail in the first shot.


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