Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Grey Heron pictures...

Sorry for all the Heron and Eagle pictures lately but there are only so many types of  birds around here where I live especially this time of year. Both of these pictures are taken with the Nikon 18-300 at  300mm, aperture at f8. This lens like so many other lenses appears to be a little sharper at f8 than wide open as evidenced in these two pictures. 

The bottom photo is a good example of what happens when you take "birds in flight" pictures at relatively slow shutter speeds (1/250), though the birds eye, the most important part is in focus. What I really needed for this shot was a higher shutter speed and the 10 pound, $9,769.00 Nikon f2.8 400mm ED VR AF to get all this fellows feathers frozen. Ha ha!


  1. I particulary love the second one...
    Best regards,


  2. Big tube could provide you the reach, but it's not always give you sharp image. Perhaps, you could get higher shutter speeds with 18-300mm at f/3.5 if you increase the ISO. Just pick a sunny day, shoot on A mode at 3.5, and increase the ISO until you get the shutter speeds around 1/1500 or 1/2000 sec.

    1. Next time I will do do this, I wasn't really expecting the bird to fly off so quickly and wound up just taking some "pot shots" at it with the camera when he flew off regardless of the camera's settings!

  3. If you're going to spend 10 G's you might as well go for the Nikon 600mm F4! LOL

    Never apologize for putting up photos. Just be glad you have the time to take them. That's always better than not taking any at all. And even though you drive me crazy with the eagle photos I always enjoy seeing them.

  4. Sure like the background effects from the water! A nice balanced feel to these pics!


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