Sunday, January 13, 2013

The old logging trestle revisited

Went out yesterday and took some more pictures of the old trestle. I had planned to bring a ladder to photograph from so I could get pictures from up above all the bushes growing there. But this is a difficult place to get to so I improvised... I attached the camera to the monopod, set the timer for 10 seconds and held the monopod and camera up over my head as far as I could reach.


  1. Ingenious!

    You are going to new heights to bring us an up to date view of a favorite historic scene of Days Gone By!

    Record it every year. Before it only becomes a Memory!

  2. I'm impressed! First that you even had the monopod and secondly fro your improvisational skills. I would never have thought about using the timer. The photos came out great!

    I agree with Parker, a visit here every year would be a good thing because one of these days that will be gone adn people will wonder what it looked like.

  3. really beautiful textures and colors. nice improvisation!

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    1. The scenery have changed a lot since you post this scenery few years ago. Everyone in this blog really working hard on your pictures lately. I guess I have to work harder! LOL

      I like the rustic looks on this picture, and is this another secret spot in Vancouver Island?

    2. You bet! So secret in fact that I don't think anyone has been there since last time I took pictures of the trestle. Funny because it's just a few hundred feet from a nearby road but not visible at all.


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