Monday, January 14, 2013

These are from my previous trip to AZ. in the last Summer.  I would not recommended to visit this area during the hot Summer months.  If you do, make sure have at least 1 gallon of water with you, and don't hike alone if you're a first timer.  After 3 hours hike, myself and other people on the trail had a hard time to get here due to the heat.  There's no trail marker, so you need a good map, GPS, and do some reading online about this area.


  1. I'd say your 3 hour hike in the hot sun was well worth it, you sure got some great pictures to show for your efforts!

  2. Great page...
    Marvelous pictures !
    Best regards from Paris,


  3. These are great! That second photo with the people in in is really cool!!

  4. Gosh those are nice Q. Well worth the sweat and 100 degree hike to get there!


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